Michael Renshaw

Property Manager


Lycra warrior | Practicing Pilot| Heavy metal fan

When it comes to managing properties, Michael is known for his effective and efficient service, and providing strong support at each touch point. Michael genuinely cares about his property owners and tenants and demonstrates an attention to detail and commitment that is admirable and well respected.
If you’re lucky enough to have Michael’s safe and steady hands managing your investment you can be rest assured that expertise is not just learned, it’s actually genetics too! His father Graeme Renshaw (recently retired) was a very well known and highly respected real estate agent in the Penrith area.
Outside of work, Michael enjoys zipping up the lycra and heading for the hills on his bicycle. A self-confessed cycling fanatic, when he’s not in the seat, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, and listening to heavy metal music (not together though!).
Michael has long-term aspirations to one day obtain a pilot license and learn how to fly a plane (he’s even had lessons in NZ!)


Phone: 02 4737 9977
Email: michael@bespokerg.com.au

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