Monika Pietrzak

Property Manager


Masterchef | Film buff | Historian
When it comes to ensuring your investment and home is in safe hands, you can rest easy knowing Monika is onto it!
Monika has a solid 15 years experience managing properties. She has a real commitment to protecting people’s assets and loves working with the various members of the community to ensure both owners and tenants alike are treated respectfully and homes are looked after.
In her spare time Monika could easily be a candidate for Masterchef as she loves cooking for her loved ones. She is also a bit of a history nerd and really enjoys learning about yesteryear, not only Australian history, but also abroad.
Monika can often be found on the weekend taking in a movie or two and loves to travel when she gets the chance!


Mobile: 0488 036 884
Phone: 02 4737 9977

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