Ashley Baldacchino

Client Support


Cat woman | Social butterfly | Happiness Doctor
Ashley is the source of all truth and knowledge - if you’re not sure whom you need to speak to or if you need a task done in the Bespoke office!
She is a vital support for both the Sales and Property Management teams and is highly valued by her team mates not only for the way in which she is happy to take on any task no matter how big or small, but because she is responsible for much of the positive energy in the Bespoke office and always works with a smile on her face.
Outside of work Ashley has a keen interest in animal behavior and has aspirations to help out with an animal foundation that specialises in the protection and study of wild cats (lions and tigers… oh my!)
Ashley holds a Certificate of Registration and on the weekends loves watching movies and socialising with her broad network of friends and family.


Phone: 02 4737 9977

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